Chalice Network
of the City of Angels

Conscious Humans Abundantly Linked In Creative Exchange

The Chalice Network is an infrastructure for a new paradigm of inter-dependent abundant interaction. It is a way for conscious people to do what they most want to do, while being supported with the means for viable living.

Chalice provides a directory of services and resources that are available from a network of local people. We provide ways of supporting and empowering ourselves and others in the network through an assortments of ways of interacting with each other.

We recognize that different people might operate in different spheres of abundance, and the Chalice Network therefore has several levels, several realms of operation, each with somewhat different principles, but combining into a unified whole.

Realm1 - The "Avalon" Level - Free giving and receiving. You can choose what services and resources you would be willing to give freely to others, to what extent, and under what circumstances.

Realm 2 - The "Round Table" Level - Local Exchange System. You can exchange services and resources with others without any need for involving money. An accounting system allows you to use services that you need and to provide services where they are required, as long as the inflow and outflow remains fairly balanced.

Realm 3 - The "Castle" Level - Network Representation System. You can list services or resources you will provide for monetary exchange. You can also choose to act as an agent representing the services of others in the network, in exchange for monetary compensation. In other words, you can promote the services of others in the network to anyone you choose, and you will receive percentages of sales. In addition you will receive Local Exchange credit for using this system, whether it be as a provider or as a representative.

Participation in the Chalice Network requires a commitment to honesty and openness. Part of the design of the system is that anybody who receives services from anybody else can give feedback on how happy they are with the services, and this feedback information will be available to anybody else in the network. It will be in everybody's interest to provide as valuable services as possible.

The Chalice Network is supported by state-of-the-art computer software and Internet technology. You don't need to be on-line to use to system, but you will get extra benefits from being able to interact with the on-line elements directly.