The Castle Realm
a Network Representation System Networking for Economic Abundance

Money in our society still appears to be a necessity to maintain a viable living. Most of us may feel the need to pay rent, utilities, gas, and many other items every month. And many of us have been used to selling our work to employers, doing things we might not have chosen to do otherwise, in order to bring in the required income. Or we have to promote and deliver our services by ourselves.

The Network Representation System is a way of transcending the need for doing work one doesn't care about, by empowering those who have services to deliver, and by making it a viable service to bring clients and customers to others.

A network of people can accomplish a lot more together than we can one by one. If you have a service to provide, imagine that you have hundreds of people working for you, finding clients for you, letting people know about what you do, guiding people to you. And, as a Network Representative, imagine how you can offer the services and resources of hundreds of very qualified professionals, with a wide diversity of skills to offer. You can choose who you want to promote, you can give people a choice, you can help people get what they really need, and you can be paid for doing so.

The problem with old paradigm "network marketing" is that one would usually have to promote a certain limited set of products or services from one particular company, and that one would tend to be motivated to just sell as much as one can, or to sign up as many people as one can, without caring about whether this is really what people need or not. This is a very different thing, but it retains some of the elements that might attract people to network marketing, such as the opportunity to be one's own boss and the ability to make a residual income from the work of others. But in this case it is an overall win-win situation where there is no reward at all from pushing things on people that they don't need. On the contrary, all information is out in the open and anybody is able to know how appreciated the services of a particular person really are, and are free to choose whether they want them or now. This includes the services of the Representatives. Their track record in terms of client satisfaction will be available for all to see.

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