The Avalon Realm
Free Giving and Receiving - Limitless Abundance

The principle here is that you give what you are able and willing to give, without any concern about exchange or payment. This truly contributes to the transcendence of scarcity on all levels.

You simply declare what you are willing to give, how much of it you will give, if there is any limit, and under what conditions you will give it, if there are any conditions.

What you give must, of course, be something you are able and willing to give. That is, it is understood that what you give is yours to give, and that you won't suffer from giving it freely to those who need and desire it.

You can, for example, commit yourself to giving a certain number of hours per week of a service or skill that you're able to provide. For example, you might provide legal services or counseling or massage, or whatever it is you can do. It can be unlimited, like, you might make yourself available as a consultant for a certain purpose at any time. Or, you might make a certain resource available. You might declare that anybody can pick grapefruits from the trees in your backyard, to their heart's content.

You can change your commitments at any time. If you find you can give more, increase your offer. If you find it impractical to give what you committed to, you can scale it back. But expect that somebody will indeed show up to ask for what you've said you will offer, so be honest and clear about what you're truly willing to give.

Although the giving is free, the giver still retains the choice of the circumstances of giving. That something is offered does not mean that anybody can demand that service, or set the terms for how it is delivered. It is up to the potential giver to choose. If the giver consistently can't or won't deliver his services, he will need to adjust his publically stated commitment accordingly.