The Details -- and the Math

You join the Chalice Network by filling in a Member Application and by paying a fee of $50 for the first year of directory listings, computer accounting, etc.

On the Member Application you fill in what you're willing to give freely, what you might want to exchange in a local exchange system, and what you offer for money. You can always change this information later, particularly if you have access to the Internet.

You can engage freely in Avalon transactions (free giving) as much as you feel like, and as much as is available. There are no charges or any other hindrances. You simply look up in the directory what services are available and you call the provider and make an appointment.

As to Round Table transactions (local exchange system) you also simply contact somebody in the network and negotiate a fair value for what you wish to exchange. It might or might not be services that are listed in the directory, that doesn't matter. You then let the Chalice Network Accounting Office know about the transaction, either on-line or by filling in a form and sending it in. This records the transaction, i.e. debits the account of the "buyer" and credits the account of the "seller".

For Castle level transactions (delivering services or resources for money) it works like this. A potential recipient either finds a provider of what they want in the directory, or a network representative facilitates the transaction and hooks a person with a need or desire up with somebody who can fill it. The buyer might or might not be a member of the network. Money is exchanged between the buyer and seller to pay for the service. A commision is taken out of the amount. Typically a 7% commission is paid to the network representatives representing the seller and a 5% commission is paid to the network representatives representing the buyer. If the buyer was recommended the service by a certain member, that member will get 3% commission, if the buyer is in the network, and 8% if he isn't. The main network representative will be the person who signed up the member. The total commission is paid to the Network Accounting Office, which will distribute the commission accordingly. In addition, the seller gets a credit to his local exchange system account equivalent to 5% of the dollar amount exchanged, and the buyer also gets a credit of 5%, if he's a member of the network.