Castle Network Structure / Commissions

Members can sign up other members, and will get commissions, in cash or in local exchange currency, for what these people exchange. These commissions are calculated up to 3 levels deep. That is, you might get commissions for exchanges made by someone signed up by someone else signed up by somebody you signed up.

A member is free at any time to change which member he's signed up under, so it is in your best interest to provide some valuable service to the people you signed up. I.e. you would act as a consultant to them and facilitate that they get hooked up with people to exchange with.

The commission for any Castle Level transaction might vary depending on what has been agreed with the seller. In a typical case 7% would go to representatives on the buyer's side and 5% would go to representatives on the seller's side.

A 7% seller commission breaks down like this:

Sales by someone you signed up 4% Sales 1 level down 1% Sales 1 level further down 1% Commission to network administration 1%

A 5% buyer commission breaks down like this:

Purchase by someone you signed up 2% Purchase 1 level down 1% Purchase 1 level further down 1% Commission to network administration 1%

You can obviously add up that if you sign up, for example, 5 people, each of them sign up 5, and each of those sign up 5, you would have 155 people you would get commissions from. If each of them buys $1000 worth of goods or services you would get $1600. If each of them sells $1000 worth of goods or services you would get $1700.

That part is what happens by itself, in that you get the commissions even if people simply find each other in the directory and buy from each other. A more significant income opportunity would arise if you actively market the services of people in the network to people outside the network. Then you would typically get 8% of all transactions.

Any seller can set a higher percentage of commission, and the figures would change accordingly. This obviously gives network representatives an increased incentive to market that person's service. If a 40 or 50% commission is available, everybody will necessarily be better rewarded for presenting that service to others, assuming that it is something valuable that people actually appreciate.

The problem with any kind of multi-level scheme like that is, of course, that it doesn't all happen automatically. You can't expect to just sign up and sit back and have money come streaming in without doing something for it. You need to provide some kind of service to the people you sign up, facilitating that the network becomes useful to them. Trying to get something for nothing is certainly not the best motivation to approach this with. This is intended to be an inter-dependent network where we can all support each other's work, and we'll all be better off for it.

Note that a member can represent either buyers or sellers, or both. That gives more flexibility in terms of how you can use the system, and it would tend to serve everybody better. The job of the representatives is to act as consultants and help hook people up who truly have something valuable and desirable to offer each other. It can be done from the side of helping a member find what they're looking for, or from the side of helping a service provider find somebody who needs what they offer, or both.

There are no losers in this system. Aside from the sign-up fee there are no up-front costs, so there is no investment to lose. You can choose to use the network in an assortment of ways and all of them are intended to be worthwhile in themselves. You might use this as a network of good people who's services are useful to you. You can use it as a way of contacting potential clients for your services, and have a whole bunch of people help you with that. You can use it as a way of exchanging services without money. You can use it as a vehicle for giving and receiving services freely. Whether money is important to you or not you will be rewarded simply for using the network, and you will get more of what you want in life, with less hassle.