An important factor in the Chalice system is that anybody who engages in an exchange with somebody else can record their comments on how that want. Specifically a buyer or recipient of a service can put on the record how satisfied he is with what he got.

Feedback can be both in the form of free-form comments and it can be a rating. You can score on a scale between 0 and 10 how happy you are with the value of what you got. 5 is neutral. 0 is if you perceive no value in it at all. 10 is if you're ecstatic about the services you got.

Anybody is free to check out how somebody else is doing in terms of feedback. That is, any feedback that is entered is available to anybody else who subsequently is considering interacting with a certain member.

This obviously means that there is no way to hide if your services aren't appreciated. And, obviously, that might mean that others might be more reluctant to use your services. On the other hand, if people are happy with what you do, others will hear about it and seek your services as well.

This doesn't have to be threatening to you. It simply means that the focus is on keeping everybody happy with what is going on. There is no reward for cheating people or representing yourself as something you aren't. The rewards come from being authentic and honest and open about what you're about and what you offer.

Realistically, probably not everybody will be ecstatic about what you do, even if you're honest and dedicated to your work. However, the ongoing record will show others the truth about people's subjective experience with you. If 10 people are happy and one person is not, that doesn't necessarily scare people away. It might indicate something you might want to improve upon in terms of your interaction with others or the way you present yourself.