An Experiment in Abundant Inter-dependence

Some of the factors in the Chalice Network are experimental and might change if we discover that something else would work better.

The general idea is to provide an infra-structure for how we can relate to each other in a way that serves all of us and that makes the sum greater than the parts. We've endeavored to design the mechanics and the math so that it will work, but there's of course always room for learning.

For example, the different percentages are selected to stimulate that people use the system. If we find that they're too high or too low, or that they would better be divided differently, design changes might take place.

How well the system works depends on how you use it, and how much you use it. All transactions are completely voluntary, so there's nothing here that forces you to use the network at all. All we can do is to make it desirable and rewarding to use it, so that if you use the network it provides more of what you want, and it does the same for your friends.

We're open to any suggestions and feedback on how well the Chalice Network works for you. If anything doesn't work, help making it work better.